5 Cloud Based Tools to Help Manage Your Creative Agency

Managing your creative agency just got simpler with these 5 must have tools.

Did you know that the average employee used at least 36 cloud services at work on a regular basis?

Looking at these figures, there must be a reason behind the high usage of cloud-based services. From convenience to ease of use, there are many reasons why an agency should be using the right marketing agency software.

But which software should you be looking at?

Managing your creative agency just got simpler with these 5 must-have cloud-based tools.

1. Slack for Communication

The first benefit of using Slack for communication within your creative agency is the fact that there are free options for small to medium-sized organizations.

Moving forward from the benefit of it being cost-effective, slack is probably one of the most favored communication software out there today.

The user-friendliness of Slack allows you to communicate within channels, so you can have channels designated for the sharing of certain information. Think almost like a sales funnel, your channels can be organized into pre-production, design, project management, and other organization-wide discussions.

Slack facilitates optimum collaboration between team members.

One of the great things about Slack is that it integrates seamlessly with other cloud-based software programs that your team may already be using such as Google Drive.

Slack is one of the favored communication services in business today.

2. Google Drive for Storage

Google Drive is a must-have tool for file sharing and cloud storage.

File storage and sharing are by far one of the most important abilities that teams within a creative agency need. But, the software needs to be easy to use, have simple syncing abilities, and come with optimum security levels.

Does Google Drive do this? Yes, it does.

With Google Drive, your files will be stored in the cloud, any team member can access folders that they’ve been given permission to enter with the option to simply view or edit files within each folder.

You can organize your folders by giving access to relevant teams that need to be able to work simultaneously on files. When a file is changed within Google Drive, the system automatically syncs all devices so they’re accessing the latest file and won’t be working on old files. This means that no changes will be left by having version 162 of the same design file.

There are multiple ways of managing files within an agency, but the priorities for any agency owner must be ease of access, security and simple file syncing options.

3. Project Management Software: Basecamp

One of the main things that a creative agency needs to be able to do with internal software is managing their projects effectively.

Basecamp is a cloud-based project management software that allows you to do just that. This software is centered around collaboration for both internal teams as well as with clients.

Within Basecamp, you can create and manage internal to-do lists with active time management, so all team members know when their tasks are due. With these to-do lists, you can attach files to items on the list and forward files for approval too.

You can use Basecamp to chat internally between team members and teams as a whole. You’ll be able to share files related to specific projects.

One of the most noteworthy benefits of using Basecamp is that you’re able to schedule calendar items which will in turn sync with your team’s other calendar programs like Outlook and Google calendar. Team members can even sync their to-do list with their external calendar for optimum efficiency.

Every agency needs to manage client projects, and there are a number of simple project management tools that can significantly increase your employees’ ability to get work done quickly.

You’re also able to have a client communication area for your teams, which is housed totally separate from the internal area.

4. Social Media Management With AgoraPulse

Most creative agencies will find themselves offering social media management as part of their digital marketing offering, so how do you ensure that your team is efficient and operating at high-levels?

This can be done by choosing AgoraPulse as your social media management tool of choice.

AgoraPulse is a social media management tool that will assist your agency in managing various social media platforms through one central area. You can create profiles and teams for people who need to work on various clients together.

With AgoraPulse you can schedule, post, and analyze the performance of your clients’ social media campaigns, as well as your own brand’s social media campaigns.

There’s both a desktop and mobile version of this software, so your team can even check in on the go!

5. Customer Relationship Management Through Pipedrive

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is important for any business, never mind just creative agencies. It’s an absolute must-have in your marketing agency software arsenal.

Pipedrive is a great option when it comes to CRM software.

With Pipedrive you can even test the software for free before committing to a purchase, which we think gets a big thumbs up!

With this software, you can manage our workflow from start to finish, place priority on sales that are almost closed and even get a great overview of your sales performance. You’ll be able to approach individual customers and not have to waste time outside of the software with other communication platforms.

If your team is global, the one additional benefit worth mentioning is that Pipedrive comes in multiple languages, so team members can customize the software so they’re able to work in their first language thereby minimizing errors and facilitating optimum communication.

Final Tips For Marketing Agency Software

On your search for marketing agency software we feel its important for you to keep one thing in mind:

The software is only as good as the team using it! Ensure that your team completely buys into the use of the software and commits to using it to its full capabilities. Only this way will you get the results that you’re hoping for.

Do you need some more tech-based advice? Head on over to our resources section to find what you’re looking for!

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