CES 2015: the Internet of everything

14 January 2015 / by Joshua Silberman


Remember back in the day when Dr. Nick from ‘The Simpsons’ sang this song? We all know that he was singing about bypass surgery, but if he had attended the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, he could have just as easily been talking about any selection of devices, gadgets, and gizmos on display.
The CES 2015 features bigger and brighter TV’s, smaller and lighter laptops, cars that can drive themselves at least as well as people from Boston, a precursor to a food replicator from Star Trek, and…a Walkman. If you are a tech geek or really just into cool stuff, the CES would have something to make you giddy, but now it’s time for some trivia. What do 99.99% of these gizmos have in common? Outside of possibly the ‘food replicator’, the vast majority of these devices are now connected to everything!...(which is connected the internet).

The internet of everything.
It’s everywhere and only growing larger. For CES 2015, the best feature of the majority of devices is not just what they are designed to do, but also what and whom they can connect with.
For example, take some of the devices listed in the previous paragraph. Picture a world where your car can send a GPS signal to your house to turn the lights on, set the thermostat, tune the TV, and maybe even start dinner. In this sphere, the only limit is imagination.
As another cold winter grips the United States, the potential cost and time savings alone are beyond measure. Beyond these features… what could the possible advantages be of… say… an office that can control the heat, light, and electricity usage based on the number of people present?
Oh wait, I think I just answered my own question. The internet is everywhere and with each year, it is becoming connected to more and more things.

One of the biggest debates within the CES is how a smart home or office might function. Would it be full of robot works like Rosie the Maid from ‘The Jetsons’ or would it be full of gadgets controls by a central intelligence like Jarvis of the ‘Iron Man’ franchise.
CES 2015 has shown the promise for both and neither with a slew of devices designed to control the air, electricity, and even the sound within a dwelling. From there, forces have conspired to create a series of domestic robot workers that would be controlled by this central intelligence of the house.
In any case, the CES 2015 had made one fact very clear. A gadget as small as a food replicator and as large as a house is now only as good as the number of other gadgets that it can talk to.


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