Take Your Company to New Heights With These Essential Cloud Solutions For Business

Want to take your company to new heights and elevate your profits? Here's the cloud solutions for business you need to have!

Cloud computing is reshaping the business ecosystem of today.

With its unparalleled accessibility and affordability, it has leveled the playing field. You can tap into this resource from any internet-enabled device. Even small businesses that possess the limited infrastructure and human resources can work wonders with it.

Thus, the cloud is an essential component in the modern business arsenal, not some optional nice-to-have.

Besides, there’s no shortage of cloud solutions for business encompassing everything from accounting to workflow management. They entail multifarious handy products and services delivered over the internet.

The tricky thing these products are far from created equal and don’t work for everyone the same. Therefore, we’re going to highlights some of the tools that offer the best value for your money.

The Game Has Changed

Cloud technology revamps the previously complex and expensive IT infrastructure.

We no longer have to rely on clunky hardware and a bunch of scattered software tools to fuel business endeavors.  Cloud solutions streamline core business functions and processes while running all the necessary business apps.

Another selling point comes in the form of low implementation costs. You don’t need a whole IT department on your payroll to set the wheels into motion. Cloud platforms are beginner-friendly and flexible.

Furthermore, it’s quite simple to install and configure them. The same goes for running, securing, updating, and testing apps. And if you want to further minimize the workload, you can opt for managed IT services.

Basically, you let professionals do all the heavy lifting, outsourcing hardware and software tasks. They can also help you figure out your needs and pinpoint the best deals.

Thus, the situation is as clear as a day. Cloud is a convenient and cost-effective avenue teeming with ready-made marvels. Here are some of the must-consider options to add to your list.


Asana is one of the most popular work management tools out there.

It makes handling multiple projects and teams at once a breeze. You keep everyone on the same page via shared conversations, tracking, and reporting. It’s also possible to upload all project-related documents for team members to use.

Combined, these features promote the utmost level of transparency and maximize collaboration.

Notice the free version gives you limited users and features, which paid package extends. There’s also an enterprise option for those with more ambitious aspirations.


Marketing automation is gaining ground left and right.

Cloud solutions like MailChimp are right at the epicenter of this rapid development. They represent email marketing services and make our life much easier.

MailChimp stands out because it sports a bunch of third-party integrations and email templates. You can engage in rapid-fire tactics and reach way more people than before. On the other hand, email analytics allow you to measure performance and fine-tune your overall strategy.

Even a free plan comes packed with features, so feel free to start there.


This one is an ultimate tool for all things e-commerce.

Namely, Shopify is a reliable digital workhorse that refines various key storefront processes. One can find a slew of fee temples and tools to play around with.

The online shopping cart component is particularly vital. It improves online customer experience and captures more sales in one stroke.

It’s worth noting Shopify requires some technical know-how to set up. But, it shouldn’t be a problem for users past novice territory. The free trial lasts 30 days, which is enough to determine whether this e-commerce paragon is for you or not.


Next off, we have an amazing accounting tool worth your while.

It’s an excellent alternative to acclaimed QuickBooks. The main reason is Xero provides a wider spectrum of automaton capabilities and other features. They are geared toward fuss-free handling of transactions, billing, and invoicing.

We would argue Xero is the best proof financial management doesn’t have to be a dreaded ordeal.

The platform starts at $9 per month but also has a 30-day free trial. The premium plan enables multiple currencies and whole teams of users.


Cloud storage is the new gold standard across industries.

You can think of it as a virtual server location, an internet-based data center.

Most options such as Dropbox offer synch and sharing, but you also want to have backup and disaster recovery. Backblaze covers these bases and brings robust protection for end-user machines.

Its easy-to-set-up system ensures business continuity and preserves vital data. You are able to minimize disruption and downtime without compromising network performance.

The fee is $5 per machine every month. More than a fair price if you ask us.


Finally, we come across a cloud-powered help desk solution.

HappyFox is a fine blend of automation and self-service. It’s designed for effortless managing and tracking of helpdesk tickets. The list of features involves canned responses, bulk actions, smart rules, and real-time reporting.

On top of that, you can carry out assets, tasks and knowledge management.

Taking all this into account, you have a chance to supercharge your operations and conserve resources. This is due to the tool’s ability to trim the ticket workload and speed up customer service.

Next Level with Cloud Solutions for Business

Cloud is an affordable and valuable resource that requires minimal management.

It’s a true win-win, especially for small businesses looking to get ahead of the curve. This isn’t to say you can just go for the first tool you stumble upon online.

First off, come up with a plan on how to effectively migrate away from on-premise, hardware-heavy infrastructure. There are a lot of moving parts that must fall together seamlessly.

It would be wise to put together a list of must-have services and features. Then, you can cheery pick cloud solutions for businesses that are scalable and suit your unique business case. They will help you establish a solid IT baseline.

Not only that, but you’ll power-up your project management, sales, marketing, and other processes.

Contact us in case you’re left with any questions regarding your IT approach. It’s time to harness the cloud as a catalyst for business growth and expansion!

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