Three Ways to Improve Marketing Through Machine Learning and AI

15 October 2018 / by Ludovic Levivier


Businesses don’t need to be intimidated by the thought of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) being tools in the modern marketer’s toolbox. In fact, ML and AI integration help improve customer interaction, optimize content, and enrich user experience design, when used to enhance and automate common marketing tasks. Here are three ways to do just that.

1. Understand Customers Through Improved Segmentation and Communication

It’s easier than ever to understand and reach the customer thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Improve customer segmentation: Consumer interest variables have never been as diverse as they are now, which makes customer segmentation an increasingly difficult task. Unsupervised machine learning is used to assist marketers in analyzing a large number of variables to create dynamic customer segmentation groups.

Improve customer communication: Customers who use a company’s chat feature do so to find quick answers to practical questions. Clever marketers learn to take advantage of AI integration to support chat moderators and create sophisticated dialog systems capable of interacting with customers on a more personal, practical level.

2. Enhance UX Design With Smarter Search and Recommendation Engines

Website search and recommendation features used to be near unusable­—search terms seldom returned accurate results and recommendations looked nothing like the source material. Smart business management sees search and recommendation features today enhanced by ML and AI algorithms to ensure the user experience is reliable, accurate, and even predictive.

3. Optimize Content With Better A/B Testing

The tried-and-true marketing method for optimizing content is always some form of A/B testing. But A/B testing methods are slow and can negatively affect revenue while your marketing team figures out which content option is best for business. This is where machine learning algorithms make all the difference. Multi-armed bandit tests are a “smarter,” faster way to conduct A/B testing without losing revenue during downtime.

Futuristic Marketing Made Possible Through AI and Machine Learning

It’s okay to feel apprehensive about machine learning and artificial intelligence, especially when you’re considering how they can influence your businesses’ sales and marketing efforts. Customer segmentation and communication, user experience design, and content optimization are essential pieces of the marketing pie, so it’s crucial to find ways to improve each. Machine learning and AI solutions, targeted toward your specific marketing concerns, could be just what you need to change the way you reach and convert customers.

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